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Integrity management, active and friendly, responsible team, sustainable contribution, and enthusiastic learning are the important DNA that decides to recruit AXIS talents.
If you love challenges, high pressure resistance, and continue to learn and grow, you are welcome to join the AXIS team and jointly create a new future for transformers!

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Education Training

New employee training

Including pre-employment lectures and department lectures to help new recruits have a basic understanding of the company’s system and job content.

Functional training

Including core functions, management functions, and professional functions, the blueprint for peer learning is carried out through the three functional systems.
Encourage colleagues to use their free time to study, so that the growth of colleagues and the development of the company are closely integrated, so as to cultivate outstanding talents with both theory and practice.

Project training

In line with company policies or annual goals, special training for specific objects and special purposes, to strengthen the competitiveness of colleagues and the company.

Daily work guidance

According to the nature and ability of colleagues’ work, department heads use work guidance, delegated tasks or project implementation in their daily work to make their daily work more effective.

Overseas training

According to work needs, send personnel to overseas companies for technical exchanges, broaden their horizons and have a more international outlook.

Welfare and system


  • Wedding and funeral subsidies
  • Scholarship subsidy
  • Regular employee health check
  • Regular employee travel

Rewards System

  • The business department allocates surplus dividends
  • Year-end/performance bonus
  • Labor pension provision
  • Golden Ingot Reward upon expiry of the term

Employee insurance

  • Health insurance
  • Employee group insurance (accident/medical)


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