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Automatic winding technology of precision machine body

The low permeability alumina ceramic core is used as the coil structure. Within the operating temperature range, it can have better low inductance stability, low iron loss, and high quality coefficient high-frequency applications. The production process uses all Automated process control and monitoring, providing high-quality wire-wound chip RF inductance components.

Automatic winding technology of ring common mode components

Common-mode filter components need to have good attenuation characteristics at low frequencies, which can filter out common-mode noise in the circuit, and can be used in the production process with a precision ring threader; arrange the threading and winding positions to avoid differences in winding positions Affect the capacitance between the lines, so that the self-resonant frequency (SRF) of the inductor at a specific frequency is stable.

Sealed infusion technology

Using the characteristics of various glues, with self-developed filling methods and sealing technologies, and making good use of the auxiliary functions of the machine, the product maintains a stable inductance effect under various environmental conditions


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